Bergen County Emergency Medical Services Unit Unveils New Ambulances to Assist with Countywide 911 Calls

Hackensack, N.J. – Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco joined with Bergen County Commissioner Chairman Tom Sullivan yesterday to start the Bergen County Emergency Medical Services Unit, a countywide unit that will assist local EMS agencies with mutual aid 911 medical calls.

Earlier this year, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco convened a working group to evaluate EMS services in Bergen County and the group determined additional services are warranted in the County. Over the last several years, several local EMS agencies have had to close their doors due to difficulty recruiting and retaining volunteers, placing a burden on existing EMS services.

“As a first responder, I understand how critical it is to always be prepared,” said Bergen County Executive Tedesco. “Our local Emergency Medical Service professionals sometimes need help in delivering medical care to their residents due to staffing issues and high volume calls. So it makes sense for the County of Bergen to step in and provide backup service and assistance to those communities that need an extra hand. The care that EMS professionals provide in their local communities is much broader than traditional emergent first response and transport. EMS is providing emergent, urgent and preventive care to patients as an integrated component of their community’s healthcare system, and it makes sense for the County to be a part of that service and that solution going forward so that we can help provide the best possible care to all of our residents.”

“As long as I am County Commissioner, I will continue to make sure that our first responders have the resources that they need to do their jobs effectively, and keep our communities safe,” said Bergen County Commissioner Chairman Sullivan. “Our Commissioners will continue to prioritize the safety of our residents, and have the backs of the hard working men and women who put so much on the line for us as first responders.”

The Bergen County Emergency Medical Services Unit will only provide mutual aid services throughout Bergen County. The primary mission of the unit will be to provide additional ambulances around the County to maintain the continuity of EMS services in the event the municipality’s primary EMS unit is busy handling another medical aid call.


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