Cookbook Signing and Tasting at Halifax Hoboken Sept 21, 2023 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Real cooking is about following your heart rather than the recipe, because cooking is more than just a blending of ingredients from land, sea, and farm, according to Chef Seadon Shouse, the notable Nova Scotia chef who brought its cuisine to the Hoboken coast.

He details his philosophy through recipes and memories, in From the Hill by the Sea, a cookbook-memoir. Chef Seadon is Executive Chef of Halifax Hoboken is both memoir and recipe for cooking and for life, educating the reader in Chef Seadon’s Nova Scotia-grown roots of foraging, hand-making, and cooking from the land with heart and soul. 

From the Hill By the Sea is a unique, entertaining traverse through discovery and culinary delight as Chef Seadon weaves memories of his childhood fishing and foraging, mushroom hunting, and cooking both indoors and out. 

“My intention was to draw readers out and inspire them to try new (and wild) ingredients and cooking methods,” says Chef Seadon. Get ready to learn about foraging, finding new methods, and more!

Experience the cuisine and recipes from the cookbook, meet Chef Seadon, get a book, and have an enjoyable evening.

$50 per ticket without book; $95 per ticket with book. To sign up please go to

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