Hackensack, NJ — Bergen County Board of Commissioners and County Executive Jim Tedesco proudly announce a significant infrastructure enhancement project in Lodi. The recent passage of Resolution #0348-24 marks the commencement of the Replacement of Passaic Avenue Bridge No. 20031B over the Saddle River, a critical initiative for the Borough of Lodi, Bergen County, NJ.

The project, entrusted to Marbro, Inc., comprises an estimated budget exceeding $3.5 million, with the county contributing just over $300,000. However, this financial commitment will be primarily reimbursed upon the project’s completion, as it is entirely supported by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Bridge Fund Program. This partnership underscores a collective commitment to fortify community infrastructure, ensuring a prosperous future for all.

The existing bridge, a 62’ long single span Through-Girder Bridge with an open steel grating deck, built in 1903, has been a source of concern for residents and officials due to its deficiencies. Now it will be replaced with a modernized structure. The proposed bridge will feature a single span steel girder superstructure supporting a reinforced concrete deck, equipped with two 12' wide travel lanes, 6' wide sidewalks on each side, and varying width shoulders. The superstructure will be founded on reinforced concrete integral abutments supported by H-piles. Additionally, permanent steel sheeting will be installed in front of the existing abutments to aid in construction and protect against future scour.

"We are taking proactive measures to address the ongoing challenges faced by the Borough of Lodi and its residents due to the deficiencies of this particular bridge," said Commissioner Tom Sullivan. "By committing resources to enhancing the Passaic Avenue Bridge, we aim to prioritize the safety of our residents and ensure the resilience of our infrastructure."

"We are committed to not only maintaining but significantly enhancing our county's infrastructure to meet the demands of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow,” said County Executive Jim Tedesco. “This project is a testament to the County’s commitment to ensuring the safety and prosperity of Bergen County's residents and businesses."

"The improvements made at the Passaic Avenue Bridge represent a significant step in our ongoing efforts to enhance vital infrastructure and prioritize the safety of our residents,” said Lodi Mayor Scott Luna. “We appreciate the collaborative efforts between the county and local authorities to address this important issue."

The project, with a duration of 365 days, is slated to commence construction following the Notice to Proceed, scheduled for May 2024. A full road closure and detouring will be necessary to facilitate the demolition and construction of the new bridge. Existing utilities will be re-supported beneath the new bridge deck, along with the relocation of some aerial facilities.

This initiative underscores Bergen County's commitment to enhancing vital infrastructure and ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. As construction progresses, the community can anticipate improved infrastructure that aligns with modern standards and addresses the evolving needs of the borough.

Photo Caption: Above: The Passaic Avenue Bridge over the Saddle River in Lodi, New Jersey.

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