Mother's Day Gift Guide from Feast & Fettle

Still debating what to get the moms in your life?
Feast & Fettle gathered some (minimalist) options below to suit every stage of motherhood. For best results, deliver your gift with flowers and a festive brunch. Our Mother’s Day Menu—with Quiche, Frittata, and Fresh Fruit—is equal parts pretty and delicious. Order by 5 PM on May 8th for delivery on the 11th, no Membership required!

For pregnant moms: Think prenatal massage, tickets to a show, a nice dinner—stuff they won’t be able to do much of once the baby arrives.

For moms with babies: Our partners at NAPS (Newborn and Parenting Support) say that when it comes to gifts, they’ve found people with babies and older children tend to just want gift cards for their courses and services and for…Feast & Fettle. Shameless plug, but do you know a mom with a baby who loves making three meals a day? Neither do we.

For moms with young children: Anything that gets them away from those young children for a few blissful hours. Pair a spa pass with a childcare IOU, and show up when they need you.

For moms with older kids or teenagers: Their kids are gaining more independence, so consider gifts that celebrate that. Dangly jewelry is best enjoyed when little hands aren’t tugging at it, and a book is more satisfying when you have the space to finish it.

For moms with adult children: If it’s your mom, spend time with her! She probably misses you. And bring her things to make her child-free lifestyle sing—like a yoga studio membership or a museum pass. 

For grandmas: Heard of the Aura Frame? It’s a digital picture frame, but you wouldn’t know it unless you saw the picture inside change. You can easily upload family pics from afar in lieu of texting them, making it a great gift for folks who may not be so tech fluent.

Moms: Forward this email to whoever you’re hoping will treat you to nice things. (If this email was forwarded to you…you know what to do.)

View Mother's Day Menu here.

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