Rapid Relief Team Hosts Appreciation BBQ for Valley Hospital Nurses Serves 150+ Meals at Valley Health System’s Nurse Appreciation Family Fun Event

[Paramus, NJ, May 11, 2024] – On May 11th, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT)—the volunteer arm of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church—joined Valley Health System in Paramus, NJ, to celebrate its nurses and their families. RRT volunteers served 150 of their signature BBQ meals over the course of the day to dozens of attendees.

The BBQ was part of the Family Fun event hosted at Valley Health System's new state-of-the-art hospital facility, which opened last month. The weekend event capped off National Nurses Week, in which nurses are recognized for their service and dedication to caring for others and improving the health of patients nationwide.

Russell MacGregor, RRT’s Team Leader, expressed his admiration for the nurses and highlighted the significance of their service. "Nurses work tirelessly to look after our community,” he said. “Many of our own families have benefited from the care of Valley’s nurses and we are delighted to say ‘Thank You’ in this way. We hope this shows them a small measure of how much they are appreciated."

The event saw enthusiastic participation from both the nursing staff and RRT volunteers. With a team of ten volunteers, RRT ensured that the BBQ made it to all attendees, young and old. Like RRT’s other volunteer efforts, it also reflected the Team’s shared commitment to community welfare and support.

Valley Health System's nurses have long been recognized for their exceptional care and dedication to patients. This appreciation event underscored the vital role they play in the community and highlighted the collaborative spirit between Paramus community and the Rapid Relief Team.

About Rapid Relief Team (RRT): RRT is a global network of over 14,500 volunteers who assist emergency services during disasters and crises by providing meals and other forms of support. Established in 2013 by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, RRT is dedicated to showing kindness through its actions, embodying the spirit of community and support in times of need. For more information, visit RRT's website.


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