The Valley Hospital Launches Interstitial Lung Disease Initiative

RIDGEWOOD, NJ, October 4, 2022 – The Valley Hospital has launched an interstitial lung disease (ILD) initiative, forming a multidisciplinary team to discuss complex cases of ILD.

Interstitial lung disease is an umbrella term used for a large group of conditions that cause inflammation and scarring of the lungs. The scarring causes stiffness in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe and move oxygen into the bloodstream. Treatment for ILDs varies based on the ILD diagnosis and the severity of disease.

“ILD is often a serious and progressive condition that has multiple possible causes and thus different pathways for treatment,” said Wanda Choy, MD, Director of Pulmonology for Valley Medical Group.

Through The Valley Hospital’s ILD initiative, a monthly forum to discuss complex cases of ILD now exists. A multidisciplinary team of specialists, including pulmonologists, radiologists, rheumatologists, pathologists, and thoracic surgeons, will meet to discuss the complexities of each case, disease management, whether the patient should have a biopsy performed, and whether they are candidates for specific medications. Collaboratively, the team, along with the patient, their loved ones, and their physicians, will create a personalized treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs.

“A multidisciplinary team for management of interstitial lung disease is the current standard of care and best practice,” said pulmonologist, Timothy O’Donnell, DO. “We at Valley want to provide patients with the best care possible, and this initiative will greatly benefit their management of interstitial lung disease.”

“When Dr. O’Donnell suggested the formation of an ILD multidisciplinary discussion group at Valley, we enthusiastically accepted the idea,” said Dr. Choy. “The collaborative not only allows providers to keep up to date with the latest evidence-based treatment recommendations but provides a consensus approach to optimize the best outcomes for our patients.”

For more information about pulmonary medicine at Valley, or to schedule an appointment, please visit, or call 201-447-8673.

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