Hackensack PBA Local 9A Announces No Confidence Vote in Police Leadership

HACKENSACK, NJ – The Hackensack Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Local 9A, representing the dedicated Supervisors of the Hackensack Police Department, has voted to express no confidence in Police Director Ray Guidetti and Operations Captain Michael Antista. This decision, made at last night’s PBA meeting, reflects deep concerns about the current state of our police department and its management.

Since 2011, following the indictment of the last serving police chief, our department has been without a chief. The city's avoidance in appointing a new police chief and the continued politicization of our department have significantly impacted the morale and effectiveness of the police department. These actions not only affect those serving in the department but also undermine the safety and trust of the Hackensack community we are sworn to protect.

Numerous grievances and lawsuits have been filed by both unions, local 9 and local 9A, highlighting issues within the department’s leadership and operational structures. Furthermore, the PBA is concerned about the misleading assessments of the department conducted by consultants, which we believe are not in the best interest of the community or the officers. These no-bid contracts resulted in assessments which do not accurately reflect the challenges and needs of our police force.

As representatives of the brave men and women who serve our community, we appeal to the residents of Hackensack for support and understanding. Our commitment to protect and serve remains steadfast, but we need a leadership structure that supports effective policing and fosters trust both within the department and with the community we serve.

Hackensack PBA Local 9A is committed to working towards positive changes and genuine improvements in our department. We urge city officials to recognize the gravity of this situation and take immediate steps to address these concerns for the betterment of our community.

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