Hackensack, NJ — The Bergen County Board of Commissioners, in partnership with County Executive Jim Tedesco, is pleased to announce the approval of an additional $3,005,819.81 from the National Opioid Trust Fund to be included in the county's 2024 budget.

This resolution, 0584-24, passed unanimously at the June 5, 2024, meeting, marks a significant step forward in the county's ongoing efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

The additional funding, which does not require any county contribution, will be allocated under the 2024 Opioid Settlement Fund Grant. This grant aims to support critical initiatives related to addressing the opioid epidemic, including addiction treatment and recovery services, prevention and education efforts, law enforcement and first responder support, and community outreach programs.

"Today's approval underscores our commitment to addressing the opioid crisis head-on," said Commissioner Tom Sullivan. "With these additional funds, we can further enhance our efforts to provide essential services and support to those affected by opioid addiction in our community."

“This additional funding strengthens our mission to combat the opioid epidemic by enabling us to administer vital programs for treatment, education, and support, ultimately making a significant impact on the lives of Bergen County families,” said County Executive Jim Tedesco.

The National Opioid Trust Fund grant, a vital component of the county's strategy to mitigate the impact of the opioid epidemic, is part of a broader national initiative recognizing the need for substantial financial resources to tackle this pervasive issue. The funds will be used as specified under the grant terms, which include a comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted nature of opioid addiction and its effects on individuals and families.

The Board of Commissioners formally requested the Director of the Division of Local Government Services to approve the insertion of this additional item of revenue into the 2024 budget, as authorized by N.J.S.A. 40A:4-87. The funds will remain available until fully expended, allowing for sustained efforts over time.

This initiative is a testament to Bergen County's dedication to public health and safety, reflecting a proactive approach to one of the most pressing issues facing communities today. As the county moves forward with this funding, residents can expect to see enhanced services and support systems designed to address the opioid crisis effectively and compassionately.


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