Single Mom and Real Estate Strategist Releases Book to Help Other Single Moms Become Homeowners

NJ Native Assists in Creating Financial Freedom through Home Ownership
Newark, NJ - As households nationwide brace for the end of the CDC’s moratorium that prevented families from getting evicted during the heightened levels of COVID-19, New Jersey realtor and strategist Lynda Lloyd has released her debut book Sis, I Got You! A Single Mother's Guide to Home Ownership Despite Poor Credit, Low Savings, or Life Challenges.

With 80 percent of single parent households headed by mothers, this how-to guide is for single moms who are interested in becoming first time homebuyers. It takes the guesswork out of where to start in preparation for purchasing a home, as well as navigating throughout the process.   

Sis, I Got You! highlights the obstacles Lloyd had to overcome, both business and personal, as well as provides practical steps to achieve all around success. After being forced to be her biggest advocate through a challenging home buying experience, she decided to become a licensed realtor.  

Lloyd not only wants to assist other single mothers that may be in her same position, she also stresses the importance of investing in a home to lead to financial freedom.

“I suggest all single mothers to purchase a multi-family home,” says Lloyd. “She can live in one unit while her mortgage is being paid by the rent from the other units. This will free up money to then possibly save for her next investment property.”

In addition to this step-by-step guide, mothers who purchase the book will receive exclusive access to a private Facebook community, Sis, I Got You: Keys to Home Ownership, where members will receive tips on home buying, the real estate market and building generational wealth through home ownership.

“Moms have the unique ability to instill in their children the importance of ownership to pass down to the next generation,” says Lloyd. “Purchasing now can set the stage so their children are financially secure, and knowledgeable enough to never have to live in a property they don’t own.”

A lifelong Newark native, Lloyd was determined to purchase in her hometown. She was committed to investing in herself, while at the same time, investing into her community.

As a part of her book launch, Lloyd will be accepting applications to her new program, Sis, I Got You: Journey to Your Keys. She will capture through video documentation the one-on-one experience of getting three mothers who are ready now to start their home buying journey to the closing table.

Over the next few weeks, Lloyd will be going on a “virtual book tour” via Instagram live where participants will hear excerpts from the book, get additional information and chat with the author. There will be special guests and giveaways.

Sis, I Got You! is coupled with a guided home buying journal that aids in organizing and prioritizing the homes that buyers see in person. It also has a grading scale to narrow down the best option for each family. Currently, the special addition can only be purchased in person at Lloyd’s speaking engagements but will be for sale online in the near future.

Lloyd is a single mompreneur and community leader, who has dedicated her life to community empowerment. She is an educator, organizer, and chief strategist through her firm, Lloyd Strategies, and purchases and sells homes through her brand Close With Lynda. Lloyd earned a MPA as a National Urban Fellow from Baruch College and holds a BA in Political Science from Howard University.

Sis, I Got You! is available for purchase on and Connect with Lloyd on Instagram @SisLyndaGotYou.

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