U.N. Resumes Security Training at Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute After Two-Year Hiatus

(Mahwah, NJ) – The Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute has once again welcomed United Nations (U.N.) personnel for training in “Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environment” (SSAFE) protocol.

The Bergen County Law and Public Institute had previously hosted SSAFE for U.N. personnel from September 2017 until operations for in-person training were put on pause at the beginning of the pandemic.  

With training resuming, the U.N. will be able to accelerate the number of personnel trained before deployment to the most critical areas that the U.N. operates in.  SSAFE training is required by all U.N. and associated personnel before they can be sent to any high-risk environment for humanitarian missions.  

“I am pleased to once again welcome the United Nations back to the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute in order to provide crucial training for U.N. personnel who conduct humanitarian missions across the globe,” said Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco. “With the current situation in Ukraine continuing to escalate as well as several other volatile areas, Bergen County is committed to making sure U.N. personnel have the necessary tools they need to perform in a time of crisis.”  

“UNDSS is pleased to be collaborating with Bergen County’s Law and Public Safety Institute (LPSI) in ensuring the highest standard of training for UN personnel,” Katja Hemmerich, UNDSS Chief of Training and Development. “The quality of training has a direct impact on the security of UN personnel and LPSI’s excellent facilities, expertise, and engagement are invaluable.”

"We are proud that Bergen County's top-notch facilities will contribute to the overall safety of UN personnel as they make a difference around the globe," said Bergen County Commissioner Chairwoman Tracy Zur.   

SSAFE training is considered essential and is required for any U.N. personnel being deployed overseas to volatile, high-risk environments. Conducted by experienced Bergen County Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMS personnel, the SSAFE course covers 6 modules that relate to communications, personal security, and first aid.  

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