Valley to Offer Advanced Mammogram Innovations for Patients

RIDGEWOOD, NJ, May 18, 2022 – Valley Health System is now offering the SmartCurve breast stabilization system, which is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality or dose, and the new Clarity HD high-resolution 3D? imaging technology, which provides radiologists with the highest resolution 3D? images to help identify cancers early.

Valley will also offer the Quantra? Breast Density Assessment Software, which uses texture and pattern analysis for more consistent, reliable scoring of breast density.

These innovations come as part of Valley’s ongoing commitment to superior breast cancer detection and providing an improved mammogram experience for patients. The technology increases diagnostic confidence with its exceptional images and has the potential to increase screening volume and compliance for the countless women who have reported avoiding regular mammograms due in large part to the fear of discomfort associated with breast compression.

The SmartCurve system and Clarity HD high-resolution 3D? imaging technology are available exclusively with Hologic’s GeniusÔ 3D MammographyÔ exam, which is currently in use by Valley and detects more invasive cancers, reduces false positives, and is FDA approved as superior, compared to conventional 2D mammography for all women, including those with dense breasts.

“These new technologies not only enable us to improve the experience for our patients by providing them with a more comfortable mammogram they’ve been waiting for, but more importantly allow us to do so while maintaining clinical accuracy by providing our physicians with the industry’s fastest, highest resolution 3D images to accelerate screening and analysis,” said Scott DeGregorio, MD, Director of Breast Imaging at Valley Health System. “Being able to arm doctors with the advanced ability to identify subtle lesions and fine calcifications and help pinpoint cancers in early stages, while also keeping patients more comfortable than ever before, is priceless.”

The SmartCurve system features a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and allow better distribution of force over the entire breast. In a recent clinical study comparing the SmartCurve breast stabilization system to traditional flat paddle compression, the SmartCurve system improved comfort in 93 percent of women who reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression.

The Genius? 3D Mammography exam provides the industry’s fastest, highest resolution 3D? images to accelerate screening and analysis and is designed to clearly reveal subtle lesions and fine calcifications to help pinpoint cancers in early stages. Clarity HD technology’s advanced detector and innovative 3D? imaging algorithm work together to deliver exceptional 3D? images, regardless of patients’ breast size or density.

The Quantra? software analyzes images for distribution and texture of parenchymal tissue and categorizes breasts in four breast composition categories. One in two women have dense breasts, and a higher breast density is known to increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer. This technology produces unbiased breast density assessment and overcomes subjectivity in visual assessment. This is critical to providing the highest quality care and the ability to facilitate the implantation of high-risk and density-based patient management protocol.

For more information on SmartCurve or to schedule your next mammogram, call 201-447-8200 or schedule online at A prescription is required.

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