In support of Mental Health Awareness Month,NY Waterway focuses on ensuring resources for all its employees
As part of its ongoing commitment to its employees, and in support of Mental Health Awareness Month, New York Waterway encourages staff members to take advantage of a wide range of offerings designed to promote well-being and mental health.

“One of a good company’s top priorities should always be doing what it can to ensure both the physical and mental health of its staff,” said NY Waterway CEO Armand Pohan. “We continuously explore new ways of bringing more awareness of mental health and well-being to our employees and we are proud to focus on new initiatives during Mental Health Awareness Month.”

Among these are:

No cost counseling/crisis services/coaching available 24/7 for employees and their family.

No cost legal service and advising.

Library of articles to read about diagnosis/work-life challenges/overall wellbeing.

Webinars on various topics.

Extensive discount programs on hotels/vacations/concerts, etc.

Free Calm App for every employee - anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited and equitable access to resources that preserve mental health and boost workplace productivity.

Empathy training for managers.

Surveying employees to get a better understanding of what matters to them.

 Pohan stressed the importance of advocating year-round for mental health.

“Mental Health Awareness Month is extremely important to raise awareness, but ensuring employees have the resources to address mental health concerns and reduce stress is a 24/7 commitment,” he said.  

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