Summer Vacation has Arrived! Let’s Support our Children’s Mental Health

School is out, and summer is here! While for many kids, this is an exciting time, for others, the change in the routine and lack of structure can negatively affect their mental health. Without the daily support of teachers, friends, and counselors, it can be easy to miss signs that something is wrong.

“It's important to check on your child’s mental health. The extra downtime that comes with summer can sometimes feel overwhelming and lonely for kids, which can lead to a decline in their mental health,” says Jane Lee, a mental health clinician at NJ4S Bergen Hub.

Jane offers eight tips to help protect children’s mental health this summer.

Check-in with your child - Make a point to ask your child how they are feeling. Keep questions open-ended to encourage conversation.

Get active - Getting physically active and being out in the sun improves mental health in a fun, engaging way. Summer is an ideal time to get out and be active, with plenty of activities for kids to enjoy alone or with friends, such as walking, biking, playing sports, or swimming.

Establish a routine and schedule - A structured routine provides consistency and is beneficial to mental health. Knowing what to expect throughout the day removes stress and stops children from wondering what’s coming up next.

Get proper sleep - Without having to wake up for school, going to bed at a reasonable time often goes by the wayside. Staying up late and sleeping in is fairly common, but lack of sleep can have a direct impact on mental health.

Maintain social connections - Social connections and regular interactions are very important for children’s mental health. Children’s main forms of social interaction come from school, and without school, summer vacation can be particularly lonely. Ensure your child is still playing with and hanging out with their friends.

Spend time with your family - Summer provides children with extra time to spend with their loved ones who they may not have the time to be with as often during the school year. Take advantage of this time together by having a family movie or game night, go out to dinner together, or even just get together to enjoy each other’s company.

Do things you enjoy - Summer is free from the potential stress of school and homework. Kids should use their free time to indulge in things they love to do and hobbies they’re passionate about; this may also be a great time to find a new hobby!

Go somewhere - Feeling stuck inside your house can be detrimental to the whole family’s mental health, so you should try to get out of the house once a day. Being in a new environment will be a refreshing change. Go anywhere: the park, the beach, the library, walk or bike around the neighborhood, or even go on vacation!

For more tips on how to support your child’s mental health this summer, check out NJ4S Bergen Hub on Instagram @NJ4S_bergen or Facebook at NJ4S Bergen Hub. You can also email with any inquiries about NJ4S Bergen.

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