The Valley Hospital Among the First to Use New Imaging Technology

PARAMUS, NJ, July 2, 2024 – The Valley Hospital is pleased to announce the installation and use of two Naeotom Alpha? with Quantum Technology computed tomography (CT) scanners. The Naeotom Alpha is the first photon-counting CT and is manufactured by Siemens Healthineers.

The Valley Hospital is one of the earliest adopters in the United States and the first institution in New Jersey to utilize this technology for diagnostic imaging, according to Siemens Healthineers.

“This technology generates images with a high level of detail not seen with traditional CT scans. Using this scanner, physicians can make more confident clinical decisions with diagnostic consistency,” said Kristien Zingone, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at The Valley Hospital.

The centerpiece of this scanner is a photon-counting detector that is a quantum jump from traditional CT scanners in its ability to accurately measure energy levels of X-rays essential to produce high-quality CT images. The ultra-high-resolution images obtained offer the patient’s clinical team vivid, detailed imaging that goes beyond the scope of traditional CT imaging, such as the ability to take more clear images of patients that have metal inside their body.  

For pulmonary, cardiac, and oncology patients with conditions that can be difficult to effectively image, the Naeotom Alpha offers greater levels of image detail.

“This new CT scanner has been impactful when it comes to cardiac imaging,” said Himanshu Gupta, MD, Director of Cardiac Imaging for The Valley Hospital. “The images obtained provide remarkable resolution revealing an impressive view of the patient’s coronary arteries. We are able to scan patients with metal stents, high coronary calcium burden, and prosthetic heart valves in details that are not possible with previous generation CT scanners.”

This technology is currently being used for inpatient and outpatient diagnostic imaging at The Valley Hospital, with plans to expand to other outpatient Valley locations in the future.

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