National Water Safety Month: Top Tips for a Water-Safe Summer

Big Blue Swim School Urges Families to Practice Water Safety

CHICAGO (May 1, 2023) – May is National Water Safety Month and a key reminder to prepare kids and families for a summer of swimming and safe water activities. The unfortunate reality is that drowning is a leading cause of death for children under 14.

However, the positive news is that formal swimming lessons from a trained instructor, school or organization can reduce the chance of drowning by 88%. In honor of National Water Safety Month, Big Blue Swim School is sharing water safety tips that are key for a safe and confident summer of swimming. 

“As both a parent and a lifelong swimmer, I know firsthand that swimming is an important life skill that all children should learn,” says Tom Dolan, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer and Franchise Partner, Big Blue Swim School. “Not only does it keep everyone safe by the water, but it instills a strong sense of confidence in kids that they can carry with them throughout life. It’s never too late to start swim lessons, so we love to use National Water Safety Month as everyone’s reminder to make this a priority for their family.”

Big Blue Swim School shares water safety tips, which are easily remembered by the SAFER acronym:

Swim with a buddy and designate a Water Watcher: Identify an adult in your group who keeps a close eye on swimmers and rotate that person every 30 minutes to avoid supervision fatigue.

Acquire CPR and first aid training: Parents and caregivers are encouraged to take CPR and first aid training with a reputable group such as the American Red Cross, enabling them to respond quickly and confidently in case of injury.

Find and reduce water hazards: Install fencing, locks and alarms around water if you have a pool at home, don’t leave toys or items of interest near the water and ensure proper fitting life jackets are available for any water activities.

Enroll in swim lessons to improve your skills: The CDC notes that formal swim lessons reduce drowning by 88%, making year-round formal swim lessons the best way to help a child be ready around the water.

Respond fast and call 911 for emergencies: A drowning incident isn’t always obvious, making closer supervision essential for any water activity. Ensure the Water Watcher can respond quickly and dial 911 in case of emergency.

“Swimming and simply spending time in the water delivers so many benefits to kids and families; not only is it fun, but it has significant physical and mental health benefits,” says Chris DeJong, Founder and President of Big Blue Swim School, and five-time U.S. National Champion swimmer. “It is our mission at Big Blue Swim School to ensure families are confident and safe around the water and this is the perfect time to get started.” 

If you are looking to build your child’s confidence in the water and teach them a lifelong love of swimming, visit

Big Blue Swim School is one of the nation’s fastest-growing swim school franchises, offering best-in-class swim lessons for kids ages three months to 12 years. The franchise was founded in 2009 by competitive swimmer Chris DeJong, and with support from Level 5 Capital Partners, now has 19 pools open across ten states. Big Blue continues to grow through franchising and plans to have a minimum of 260 pools sold by the end of 2023. Big Blue Swim School’s real estate expertise, strong brand, proprietary technology, and leadership support, coupled with its unparalleled consumer offerings, position its franchise partners for long-term success. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Big Blue Swim School, visit


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